Hey there, I'm Vic, the heart and soul behind Crafted by Roe.

Let me take you on a little journey of how this crafty haven came to be, this is the about us page after all.

Picture this: December 2023, after a year out of the corporate world due to some personal challenges, I was on a mission to channel my creativity and embark on a path less travelled.

I mean, who needs those boring office meetings when you can be at home, running a business, and still being the ultimate mum?

So, there I was, struggling to find the perfect style of cards to send, and a lightbulb moment hit me—I'll make my own.

Armed with nothing more than a laptop, a printer, and a dodgy guillotine (don't worry, it's been upgraded since those freezing extension days!), Crafted by Roe Ltd was born.

Now, imagine this chaotic scene: a tiny office; if that's what you can call it, in the back of my home, anticipating our baby's arrival in April, two mischievous kittens running riot, planning a wedding set for July, and deciding to throw a business into the mix because, hey, why not?

My background in event management and marketing, coupled with the web wizardry of my soon-to-be husband, helped me navigate this new adventure.

Together, we launched this space where creativity knows no bounds.

At Crafted by Roe, we're not just about cards; we're about family, warmth, and a cosy, welcoming atmosphere.

Whether you're browsing for the perfect card or just stopping by for a virtual cuppa, you're part of our family now.

No robots, just me behind the screen or phone, sometimes wondering, "What have I done?" but if you need anything, just give me a shout.

With love,

Vic x

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Victoria Roe